Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Compositions With 5 Elements

^ Photo

^ Font

^ Brush

^ Texture

^ Hand drawing
1. Describe your overall thoughts on the final piece. I really like the final looks of all of these, really brings me back to what I used to do with Photoshop. I like stuff like this and can get pretty creative while at the same time being really simple. 2. How successful do you feel this piece is and why? I think I did a good job at keeping the focus on the element that I was intending to be the focal point. 3. What worked about this project? What didn’t work? The 5 different elements that I used worked really well together and I also like the colors. Only thing that I don't think worked very well was the idea of adding the elephant in all of them, I had a hard time figuring out where I wanted it but then once I found a good spot it all came together. 4. If you were to do this project over again, what changes would you consider making? There isn't much I would really change about this. I like the idea of it and how I got the designs to look in the end. 5. What was the most difficult part about completing this piece and why? The elephant, or hand drawing. I didn't know where to put it. 6. What did you learn from this piece I learned a little of what I really like doing with Photoshop

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