Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unbelieveable School Ideas

1. Floating trailers, next to C building.
2. Buses stacked on top of each other for parking.
3. Teacher yelling, fist hitting student
4. Snail with jet engine on back. feet around it.
5. Eye on the clock. Picture of an eye with a clock as the iris/pupil
6. Words just jump off the page. enjoy reading
7. Boring school wall with a picture of what a kids would rather be doing out the window..
8. Get into the art. upper body drawing the rest of the body.
9. Opening a door to a new career.
10. School looking like a war zone.

Planets/Theme Project

The lighting on the ring and the blur both make the piece look a lot more interesting. I think the planet picture is very successful because of the different sizes and the little bit of smoke placed over the back planets. What I actually wanted to do with the ring didnt work but I was able to come up with another option and I think that one looks pretty good. If I had to do this project again I would spend a little more time trying to find a way to get words to look like they fit on the ring and are engraved into it. The hardest part about this piece was learning little tricks and getting used to the 3D parts of Photoshop

Monday, March 21, 2011

Brush Compositions

Of the three compostitions I like the game one the most, and then the music one. The coloring of the game one along with the use of lights and darks looks very nice. The way the music one flows works pretty well too. The beverage composition would have worked better if i had made the middle can smaller but instead it looks a little unbalanced. If I was to do this again I would change the beverage picture completely, I just don't really like the way it looks now. The hardest part of the beverage was getting the brushes the right shape to make it fit, the hardest part of the music was finding a good balance between the background and Mary (the girl). With the game picture there wasn't really anything about it that was hard. I haven't really learned anything from this project

Lemilla (lemur + gorilla)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Needs a name. Suggestions?

So yeah, this is what comes of me watching TV and being bored late at night.