Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animated Pterodactyl

We learned how to make parts of a thing move. Like the wings of a bee, or pterodactyl :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fishy goes splat :P

We learned Flash today, its simple enough. I made a fish jump out of a bowl and hit the ground with a messy splat heh...

What Aisha wanted done.

We were given the picture on the left that had the things the actress Aisha wanted done. The final product is on the right, using the liquify filter, clone stamp, and spot healing tool I made parts of her slimmer, and got rid of the lines and directions. With the Levels feature I made her jeans darker, and eventually I got it to my liking. If she likes it I don't care she won't be seeing it!


We learned how to retouch pictures this week, I personally don't really like doing it, feels weird to me. But we had to choose from two pictures, I choose this one. Clearly. On the left is the original and the right after I finished with it. I used the liquify tool and the spot healing tool mostly. Not very good with the liquify tool so I didn't do much.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our assignment on this project was to take an image we took or got from a free resource website and take a picture of diet coke and mentos, or a paint splat Merge them together in some creative way, then BAM you have something cool. I choose to take a picture of a dude playing sax, cut him and the sax out from the background, then took a paint splat and changed its shape and color, used the burn and dodge tools to make it nice and blended. On the background I added a lens flare and then proceeded to crop it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Color Wheel

We were supposed to make a color wheel. I took a picture of a cross, copied it, rotated them, then used a gradient tool with all those colors, and also messed with some blending options. With the color wheel in the background I stretched it a little bit to give some curvyness so it wasn't as boring, then used a filter called colored pencil. This is what I got, its alright not bad. If I did it again I would pay attention to the directions so I didn't ask for so much help

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who am I? (Personality Portrait)

Last week we were given cameras and a picture frame. We had someone take a picture of us and then put it on the camera and then photoshop. I went through a few ideas in my head and tried some but ended up not really liking what happened. Then I realized that I had a Paramore shirt on from the concert I went to during the summer. Using the lasso tool I took the background out of the frame and insert a few copies of a picture of a Paramore concert. I did this because while I'm at school I would rather it still be the summer and I wish Leigh would leave me alone. The End

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pteropardow/Pterowtah cause i dont really know.

This week we started the newimal project. Our goal was to take a picture of one animal and using photoshop make a new one adding different pictures of different animals. I decided to combine a cow, a pterodactyl even, and a leopard/cheetah (i don't really know the difference...).
I started off with this picture of a cow flying over the ocean with a dolphin and guess what? I got rid of the dolphin! Then I added the pterodactyl wings and eventually the leopard/cheetah I'm not sure which one face. The pterodactyl wings looked awkward cause they weren't the same color so I used hue/saturation and changed them to fit more and erased a little of the left wing to blend it a bit. The leopard/cheetah I'm not sure which one face I erased bits and pieces and then changed the color. It was all pretty simple but I think it looks alright. I also made a copy of the two wing layers, messed with the blending change thing to make it more shadow looking and all that fun stuff.