Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pteropardow/Pterowtah cause i dont really know.

This week we started the newimal project. Our goal was to take a picture of one animal and using photoshop make a new one adding different pictures of different animals. I decided to combine a cow, a pterodactyl even, and a leopard/cheetah (i don't really know the difference...).
I started off with this picture of a cow flying over the ocean with a dolphin and guess what? I got rid of the dolphin! Then I added the pterodactyl wings and eventually the leopard/cheetah I'm not sure which one face. The pterodactyl wings looked awkward cause they weren't the same color so I used hue/saturation and changed them to fit more and erased a little of the left wing to blend it a bit. The leopard/cheetah I'm not sure which one face I erased bits and pieces and then changed the color. It was all pretty simple but I think it looks alright. I also made a copy of the two wing layers, messed with the blending change thing to make it more shadow looking and all that fun stuff.

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