Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Facemation - [scrubs] Theme song

I like the way it turned out but I now hate the song. There are a few parts of the song where the mouths might be a little off but that is something that is hard to get perfect. The different pictures and being in the same place worked decently but it was hard to do without spending like a whole class period taking pictures. I would do a song I already didn't like if I had to do this over again. Figuring out what sound each frame made and getting the certain face in the right place to make it all look good was rather difficult and I would say the hardest part of the project. Face animation is a lot harder than you would think but once you get on a roll it is easy.


  1. anytime you sing and ride a cow it's got to be good stuff!

  2. more like great stuff. cause riding a cow in general is good and then adding in singing and you just start to go crazy